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All that glisters is not gold … it’s Lego!

A study has shown that the world’s most popular toy has outperformed other assets including gold, reports The Times. Secondhand Lego sets rose in value by an average of 11% a year between 1987 and 2015.

Certainly, guests at Rob Southin’s wedding thought that Rob’s Lego cake outperformed any they’d ever seen.

Rob's lego wedding cake
Rob’s Lego wedding cake

In a speech entitled The Building Blocks of Life, Rob enthralled fellow members of Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club with his account of how the piece de resistance at his wedding was the cake – designed by him!

“I’ve always liked Lego, and it has featured heavily throughout my life. It’s where my early interest in engineering started, and building on this enjoyment, I sought out an engineering apprenticeship. When I decided to move into management, a presentation on Lego was the foundation for a successful application.

“But what started off as a joke at my wedding – with a Lego bride and groom – quickly developed into a theme. Place name holders were personalised Lego people. Table numbers were 3D Lego renderings. And the wedding favours were candy Lego bricks. My wife-to-be bravely agreed to let me design our wedding cake – as long as the front looked like a normal wedding cake.

“The back became a Lego construction site. There were builders laying bricks, a cement mixer pouring icing, and a steamroller flattening it out. Everyone loved it!”

And Rob’s children have inherited his love of Lego. “Now they are old enough for me not to worry about them eating it, it’s wonderful to share the enjoyment that Lego has given me. They’ll play with Lego for hours, often together, being completely creative, building their own worlds, inventing entire narratives and having their own adventures.”

Will Rob be selling his secondhand sets, and building a new career as a serious Lego investor? “Lego and other collectable toys can be compared with fine wines,” opines the author of the study, Victoria Dobrynskaya.

Watch this space: Ipswich Electrifiers look forward to further instalments of the building blocks of Rob’s life!

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Last Updated on August 19, 2023