Members’ Area

Welcome to Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club.

As a new member there is a lot to discover about the club and how to make the most of your membership. We hope you will find this page helpful in starting your journey with us.

What to expect

  • A welcome email from Toastmasters International
  • A welcome email from Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers Club
  • Access to the agenda system
  • A club mentor
  • Regular fortnightly meetings
  • Support from your fellow members

What to do now

Aspects of membership

Prepared speeches
You will prepare and deliver speeches from the Pathways educational program based on your chosen path. Your first speech will be the ice-breaker speech.

Club meeting roles
Members develop many skills through taking meeting roles and we encourage you to take an active part in each meeting if possible. Over time you will gain experience in each one and may find that you have a preference for certain roles but here is the rough order our members will likely progress through.

  • Timer : An experienced member will be on hand to support you
  • Ah-Counter : Count our ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and give a summary at the end
  • Wordmaster : Set us a word for the day and look out for interesting words and phrases used in the meeting
  • Topics Evaluator : Brief feedback for each of our topics speakers
  • Topics master : Set us the Topics for our two minute impromptu speeches
  • Evaluator : Provide feedback to a prepared speaker based on their Pathways feedback form
  • Toastmaster : Manage the club meeting on the evening
  • General Evaluator : Provide feedback to those who have taken roles in the meeting

The club aims to offer all new members a club mentor. Your mentor is there to listen, support and advise you in your efforts to reach your goals. They will also be able to explain various aspects of the club and the meetings.

Navigating the Toastmaster websites

We know that navigating the websites and pages available to members can be more than a little tricky. This is a brief overview to help you find your way and clarify when and where you need login details.

Toastmasters International

You’ll find a wealth of information about the organisation as well as educational, marketing and club management materials.

As a member you will be supplied with a login from Toastmasters International giving you access to additional materials as well as member prices on items in the TI shop. This is also where you will find Basecamp and access the Pathways education system.

District Website

Read about the district team, events in the UK and Ireland and find additional resources and incentives for you and your club.
All information is public and no login is required


Basecamp provides access to the educational program from Toastmasters International. To access Basecamp login to the Toastmasters International page

Club Website

This is our club website. Our aim is to provide members and visitors with more information specific to our club, particularly our meeting events and members. Please let us know if you feel something is missing, or as a member you have something to contribute. All information is public and no login is required.

Easy Speak

Easy Speak found at is the club management system used by Ipswich Electrifiers. Login is required in order to sign up for meetings, view and print meeting agendas, schedule speeches and to view your progress towards educational awards. Club officers also use this for club management functions such as notifying members of forthcoming meeting roles.Your access to Easy Speak is set up and managed by the club VP Education and VP Membership.

Understanding Toastmasters organisation

Ipswich Electrifiers is in District 71, Division G, Area 1 of Toastmasters International. Here is a brief explanation and links to where you can find out more

Toastmasters International

As a club member you are also a member of Toastmasters International and part of your club membership is paid to TI. This is where the education programs, policies and procedures are determined. A huge amount of information and support is provided from TI to members worldwide. The Toastmasters International website is

District 71

District 71 covers the UK (above the M25) and Ireland and is overseen by the district leadership team. The district provides support, incentives and advice for clubs in the district. A yearly conference is held including speech contests. The district website is

Division G

The district is divided into multiple divisions. Winners from division level contests go on to compete at district level. Other events are also held at division level. The district is supported by a division director. The division has a division Facebook page. Ipswich Electrifiers is in division G.

Area 1

Areas are a group of between 3 and 6 clubs, a group of areas make up a division. An area director supports the clubs and is the link between clubs in the area and the wider organisation. Ipswich Electrifiers is in area 1. The area has a area Facebook page.
Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club

Like all TI clubs, Ipswich Electrifiers is a private members non-profit club, our members come from across Ipswich and the surrounding area.
This is the public web site for Ipswich Electrifiers. We also use the Easy Speak system on to manage our agendas and member role history.
Follow us on twitter @IpsElectrifiers