Public Speaking

Public speaking! Love it or loathe it?

Business people in Suffolk are a confident bunch!

When Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club ran a survey from our stand at the recent Anglia Business Exhibition (ABE), we found that over 70% of respondents loved speaking in public.

And although a quarter of those surveyed considered going to the dentist less scary than speaking in public, nearly half were more worried about being splattered by a passing seagull!

The main reason though for taking a stand at this annual event was to place Ipswich Electrifiers amongst the business community, and draw attention to the importance of good communication skills.

“For most people,” says Club President Cathy Shelbourne, “their chief concern is forgetting what they are saying mid-flow, and their overall aim is to improve their presentations when pitching for new business.

“This is the third year we have taken a stand at ABE. It attracts over 200 different stands each time, and there is a lot of business taking place between standholders as well as visitors. We regularly pick up new members here who are keen to expand their horizons within the structured and supportive atmosphere of a Toastmasters club.”

Cathy Shelbourne and Christopher Brown
Ipswich Electrifiers members Cathy Shelbourne and Christopher Brown
Julie Kenny, Norman Sanders and Andrew Laws
Ipswich Electrifiers members Julie Kenny Norman Sanders and Andrew Laws

Last Updated on August 19, 2023