Business benefits of a community club

Find out how your business can benefit when your employees join our club.

Do you feel that meetings could be more effective, team updates could be better presented, or that employees would benefit from better leadership skills? Maybe you wish you had these worries; after all you own your own business, you are the sales manager and deliver any presentations – and you would love to be more effective and less stressed when you do.

So exactly how can a community based public speaking club help you?  As you might expect members learn to develop prepared speeches to an audience. What you may not realise is that we consider public speaking to include all the times when we need to formally present ideas.; that includes speaking to an individual or a team. The skills that are needed for all these occasions can be developed during the impromptu speech section of our meetings. Members also develop through the leadership opportunities within the club.

Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ club is a member of Toastmasters International, which is the  same organisation that corporate clubs in businesses such as Sony and Microsoft belong to. We offer the same experience and opportunities for development, but in a community setting where your employees will mix with members from a variety of occupations and backgrounds further enhancing their interpersonal skills.

As a member your employees will learn to

  • Develop their leadership potential
  • Listen better
  • Give better sales presentations
  • Hone their management skills
  • Organize productive teams
  • Offer constructive criticism
  • Present ideas more effectively
  • Conduct meetings

Last Updated on August 22, 2023