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Fiona Watt

Meet member Fiona Watt

“I joined on the spot. I haven’t regretted it at all, it’s been brilliant.”
Club VP Education, Fiona Watt, speaks about her experiences.

John Reynard

Meet member John Reynard

Find out more about our members and their experience of Ipswich Electrifiers. A youthful 70, John joined Ipswich Electrifiers two years ago. Over his career he’s had several successful businesses and now shares his expertise with others as a business coach.

Ipswich Electrifiers member

It was a ten minute speech about me

It was a ten-minute speech about me, how hard can that be? As it turns out it was pretty hard and I struggled. But this speech was important.

Ipswich Electrifiers member

Success in getting the dream job

One members move from self-employed to employed with the help of Toastmasters International.

Last Updated on August 21, 2023