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We like to support our members in whatever they are do, not just in their Toastmasters journey. So congratulations to these Electrifiers who have been lighting up their worlds!

Never too old to start afresh

Club member Christopher Brown

Congratulations to long-standing Electrifiers’ member Christopher Brown, who has taken the first step on the Pathways programme by completing his Icebreaker speech.

Christopher joined Ipswich Electrifiers in 1998, inspired by a speech given at a breakfast networking event by Richard Parramint from Norwich Speakers’ Club. He was subsequently invited to join the newly-formed Electrifiers by President Michael Barritt, and gave his first Icebreaker 23 years ago, as part of the Competent Communicators scheme.

“I want to remain curious,” says Christopher, who has long been an amateur aviator and keen cyclist. “Membership of Toastmasters International keeps the brain cells busy, and I love hearing what everyone else is up to.”

Accounting award for Sonia Isaac

Sonia Isaac Toastmaster

“I love the Ipswich Electrifiers club and the way meetings are held in a professional and friendly manner,” enthuses Sonia, who has been a member for 18 months. “I have learned so many tools and techniques, such as speaking professionally in a constructive manner, learning from the feedback, and managing online meetings on Zoom.”

Sonia is a qualified Bookkeeper and a Member of AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians). In the future she hopes to teach management accounting, as an AAT tutor, “so that I can utilise my strong organisation and presentation skills acquired through Toastmasters.”

Andrew Laws: digital support for small businesses

“Last week I gave my first public speech since joining Ipswich Electrifiers. Opportunities to speak at events pop up quite often as a part of my job. In the past I turned these down these as a matter of course. If I was coerced to speak at an event I dreaded it.

“Well, what a different Toastmasters has made! Last week I was really looking forward to talking and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am very grateful to Toastmasters International for the support that has got me to this point.

“I have just been asked to speak at another event and have gladly accepted the invitation.”

Yeseo SEO Agency

Adrian Day wins Area One speech contest

By day, Adrian helps businesses with software solutions. But in his spare time, Adrian is in his workshop, restoring, amongst other vehicles, a 73 year old Ford truck (hence the filthy face).

His winning speech was entitled Spinning a Story, and related to his college days, and a tangle with a lathe, almost resulting in the loss of a limb.

Adrian has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2009. “I love helping and watching members develop their presentation and communication skills and becoming more confident communicators.

“Over the past year we have had to embrace meetings via Zoom so that has meant learning new skills myself and using them to good effect within our own business.”

Guest appearance on The Talk Show for Talkers

As Vice-President for Public Relations at Ipswich Electrifiers, Cathy Shelbourne was invited onto The Talk Show for Talkers ( ) to share ideas about PR. However, when Toastmasters get together, invariably the conversation runs onto other subjects!
Maritime historian Cathy, who gives talks on maritime heroes and brazen buccaneers, quickly discovered herself to be in the company of a descendant of Ireland’s most famous, female, pirate, Grace O’Malley – after whom the other presenter had named his daughter!
Cathy has created a deck of Monumental Maritime Heroes playing cards, including three female pirates and a host of other adventurers; available from

Last Updated on August 19, 2023