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Aspire Area Conference!

The Aspire Area One Conference and Contests

Area One Conference and Speech Contests

Saturday 19th October
10am – 4:30pm

Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

A day of inspiration, career-boosting skills development, entertaining speeches and networking.

If you are aspiring to a promotion, new job, or a different career? Our workshops by experienced Toastmasters are designed to help you transfer Toastmasters techniques into your working lives or fulfilling retirement.



Keynote speech: It’s OK to Win!
Workshop : What do I do with my hands?
Table Topics contest


Keynote speech
Workshop: Mind mapping
Humorous speech contest

Presentation of awards


Derrick Trimble

What do I do with my hands?
A workshop on body language
Workshop speaker

What is the real value of your presence as a speaker? There is no formula for slicing your message into percentages of words, tone, and body language. Discard that myth and explore the genuine power of your physicality in relation to interpersonal communications. Whether speaking to an audience or one-to-one, your presence is a priceless asset to complement your communication style. Create a meaningful connection with others by your natural and engaging movement. Discover the single most important tool in your presence toolbox.

Adrian Day

Using Mind Mapping to make you a better Toastmaster
A workshop on using mind mapping for speeches and evaluations

Discover the power of Mind Mapping !

and discard those pages and pages of handwritten notes.

Adrian is a registered Mind Mapping trainer and as an independent Project Manager and software consultant has been using the technique to great effect in business since 1998.

In this short workshop Adrian will explain the basic principles of Mind Mapping and how you can use it to improve your effectiveness at work, home and importantly, at Toastmasters.

You will also have the opportunity to use it in a short practical session at the end.

The Contests

Contestants join us from clubs across the area. Camulodunum Speakers Club, Chelmsford Speakers Club, Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club and Speak Easy at Martlesham. All judging is done to Toastmasters International standards by preselected, qualified judges.

Winners will compete for the right to go to the division contests in Saffron Walden on November 2nd.

Table Topics Contest

Each contestant has two minutes to think on their feet and creatively answer a question posed. It’s the same question for each but never the same answer (and they won’t know what the others have said).

Humorous Speech Contest

Humour helps us connect with our audience. In this contest, each contestant delivers a seven-minute speech on a subject of their choosing, Will their humour win you over?

It’s OK To Win

Read about the morning keynote speech

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