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Ipswich Electrifiers are running a survey at the Anglia Business Exhibition on 7th September 2021 at Trinity Park, Ipswich, into what people think about speaking in public. Is it something you enjoy, or is it time to address the elephant in the room and brush up on body language, learn how to listen, and communicate with enthusiasm? “A local radio journalist once told me she feared public speaking more than going to the dentist,” recalls Cathy Shelbourne, President of Ipswich Electrifiers. “We want to drill down into what worries people about their communication skills, and help give them the tools […]

What’s stopping you improving your speaking skills?

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Joining Toastmasters is a great way of developing our speaking skills and nurturing confidence in many areas of our lives. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Ipswich Electrifers also offers members a natural opportunity to make new friends. On Sunday 18th July 2021 we held our summer awards party, which was a chance to combine Toastmasters ‘business’ and catching up with friends old and new. Our club meetings have been exclusively online for the last eighteen months, including our 25th birthday party, so a socially distanced get-together was long overdue. Members new and old mingled with guests and family members, while […]

A summer party to remember

Flyer for guest evening
Ipswich Electrifiers have been practising – and perfecting – online delivery techniques for nearly a year. We’ll be revealing our top tips

Guest Evening – all welcome

My Computing Life
The oldest member of Ipswich Electrifiers, Norman Sanders, 90, has just published his latest book. Appropriately named My Computing Life, this riveting read reveals Norman’s part in the international development of computers, and the advice he dispensed to world leaders along the way.

My advice to Harold Wilson et al