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Ipswich Electrifiers members join for a wide variety of reasons, and each member’s Toastmasters journey takes them somewhere new, and often to unexpected places. In a panel discussion during our meeting on the 13th January 2022 Ipswich Electrifiers member Julie Kenny will be hosting a session with guests who have arrived at some very interesting places through their time with Toastmasters. This is a part of Julie’s own journey through the Toastmasters Pathways programme. This is a great opportunity to hear the stories of members who have decided to take advantage of Toastmasters’ learning opportunities beyond their local clubs. During […]

Where can Toastmasters take you? A panel discussion.

Toastmasters lego
A study has shown that the world’s most popular toy has outperformed other assets including gold, reports The Times. Secondhand Lego sets rose in value by an average of 11% a year between 1987 and 2015. Certainly, guests at Rob Southin’s wedding thought that Rob’s Lego cake outperformed any they’d ever seen. In a speech entitled The Building Blocks of Life, Rob enthralled fellow members of Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club with his account of how the piece de resistance at his wedding was the cake – designed by him! “I’ve always liked Lego, and it has featured heavily throughout my […]

All that glisters is not gold … it’s Lego!

Business people in Suffolk are a confident bunch! When Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers’ Club ran a survey from our stand at the recent Anglia Business Exhibition (ABE), we found that over 70% of respondents loved speaking in public. And although a quarter of those surveyed considered going to the dentist less scary than speaking in public, nearly half were more worried about being splattered by a passing seagull! The main reason though for taking a stand at this annual event was to place Ipswich Electrifiers amongst the business community, and draw attention to the importance of good communication skills. “For most […]

Public speaking! Love it or loathe it?

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Ipswich Electrifiers are running a survey at the Anglia Business Exhibition on 7th September 2021 at Trinity Park, Ipswich, into what people think about speaking in public. Is it something you enjoy, or is it time to address the elephant in the room and brush up on body language, learn how to listen, and communicate with enthusiasm? “A local radio journalist once told me she feared public speaking more than going to the dentist,” recalls Cathy Shelbourne, President of Ipswich Electrifiers. “We want to drill down into what worries people about their communication skills, and help give them the tools […]

What’s stopping you improving your speaking skills?

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Joining Toastmasters is a great way of developing our speaking skills and nurturing confidence in many areas of our lives. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Ipswich Electrifers also offers members a natural opportunity to make new friends. On Sunday 18th July 2021 we held our summer awards party, which was a chance to combine Toastmasters ‘business’ and catching up with friends old and new. Our club meetings have been exclusively online for the last eighteen months, including our 25th birthday party, so a socially distanced get-together was long overdue. Members new and old mingled with guests and family members, while […]

A summer party to remember

Flyer for guest evening
Ipswich Electrifiers have been practising – and perfecting – online delivery techniques for nearly a year. We’ll be revealing our top tips

Guest Evening – all welcome

My Computing Life
The oldest member of Ipswich Electrifiers, Norman Sanders, 90, has just published his latest book. Appropriately named My Computing Life, this riveting read reveals Norman’s part in the international development of computers, and the advice he dispensed to world leaders along the way.

My advice to Harold Wilson et al

25 years Ipswich Electrifiers
The club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020

Party time!

Fiona Watt
"I joined on the spot. I haven’t regretted it at all, it’s been brilliant." Club VP Education, Fiona Watt, speaks about her experiences

Meet member Fiona Watt

John Reynard
Find out more about our members and their experience of Ipswich Electrifiers. A youthful 70, John joined Ipswich Electrifiers two years ago. Over his career he’s had several successful businesses and now shares his expertise with others as a business coach. I asked him about his experience with the club and his plans for the future

Meet member John Reynard