Learn about our members

You may be wondering what sort of person joins a public speaking club.  These are the questions we most often get asked but if you have more please contact us

Ipswich Electrifiers come from all walks of life including students, business owners, tradespeople and professionals. All our meetings benefit from a diversity that reflects the Ipswich community,  what we have in common is a shared aim to support each other in improving our communication and leadership skills.
People join for many reasons, here are just some of them 
  • wanting to be more confident or effective when presenting at work
  • starting a business and wanting to present more effectively to potential customers
  • wanting somewhere to practise their love of speaking
  • general lack of confidence when speaking in a group
  • wanting to improve communication as a non-native speaker
  • preparing for their first ever best man speech
The aim of the club is to encourage effective and confident communication. Whatever your current skills we can help you become a better speaker, how you want to use those skills are up to you. A few of our members are paid speakers, many more use their enhanced skills in all aspects of their lives. If paid speaking is something you are interested in then there is a great deal of help and support we can offer.
No, Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers' Club is part of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organisation that enables development of communication and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. We are not related to the red coated Guild of Toastmasters or to the Federation of Professional Toastmasters.
  • “I found I had a talent to make people laugh.” Jeff Short
  • ” I’ve met some lovely people and made lots of new friends.” JaLynn Hudnall
  • ” I was dreading having to make a speech at my daughter’s wedding.After a few sessions with the Electrifiers, my confidence surprised everyone.” Alan Farmer
  • “I didn’t realise public speaking could be such fun.” Christopher Brown
  • “My new speaking confidence has helped me promote my business.” Mike Watts
  • “I used to panic if I had to speak in public, now with guidance from the manuals and support from Electrifiers my speaking and confidence have both improved greatly”. Julie Kenny
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