Success comes from being able to communicate effectively…

Success comes from being able to communicate effectively…
Here’s my story,
I have been self-employed for many years and my CV was beginning to look like a Swiss Cheese – namely ‘full of holes’. Like all journeys through life, there are highs and lows especially through challenges associated with earning a crust. When embarking on looking for a job as opposed to being self-employed you have to wonder what the prospective employer might be thinking. Is this guy a team player? Is he going to go rogue after a short while? How will he take direction?
It’s fair to say that if you are fortunate enough to be asked to an interview then the old adage that ‘first impressions last’ really kick in. So how do you give yourself the best chance to maximise the opportunity? If you follow the way Toastmasters is run you won’t go far wrong. Preparation, Experience, Practice, Effective Communication, Feedback and Support are key highlights of the Toastmaster experience. There has never been a more important time in this world of fast-paced social media where you need to get your points or story across in a credible, clear, engaging way. A CV’s only purpose is to get you the interview then its where you break away from the written word and have to communicate verbally that makes it count.
If like me you have chosen to join Toastmasters it will give you that edge, especially as in many cases you are expected to stand up and give a presentation to a number of people. So let’s finish my story, my CV got me to an assessment day which amongst tests and evaluations and interviews included a 10-minute presentation which I delivered with everything I had learned from Toastmasters. The result – I was last man standing after 100’s of applicants to be offered my dream job and I know the fact I was able to communicate effectively made the difference.
Wishing you similar success

Stephen Guy-Clarke