Member guide

Welcome to Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers' Club.

As a new member there is a lot to discover about the club and how to make the most of your membership.  We hope you will find this page helpful in starting your journey with us.

What to expect

  • A welcome email from Toastmasters International
  • A welcome email from Ipswich Electrifiers Speakers Club
  • Access to the agenda system
  • A club mentor
  • Regular fortnightly meetings
  • Support from your fellow members

What to do now

Contact the VPE on for more information

Aspects of membership

Prepared speeches

You will prepare and deliver speeches from the Pathways educational program based on your chosen path. Your first speech will be the ice-breaker speech.

See below about getting started in pathways

Club meeting roles

Members develop many skills through taking meeting roles and we encourage you to take an active part in each meeting if possible. Over time you will gain experience in each one and may find that you have a preference for certain roles but here is the rough order our members will likely progress through.

  • Timer : An experienced member will be on hand to support you
  • Ah-Counter : Count our 'ums' and 'ers' and give a summary at the end
  • Wordmaster : Set us a word for the day and look out for interesting words and phrases used in the meeting
  • Topics Evaluator : Brief feedback for each of our topics speakers
  • Topics master : Set us the Topics for our two minute impromptu speeches
  • Evaluator : Provide feedback to a prepared speaker based on their Pathways feedback form
  • Toastmaster : Manage the club meeting on the evening
  • General Evaluator : Provide feedback to those who have taken roles in the meeting


The club aims to offer all new members a club mentor. Your mentor is there to listen, support and advise you in your efforts to reach your goals. They will also be able to explain various aspects of the club and the meetings. 

Speak to the VPE if a mentor has not yet been arranged.

Getting started in Pathways

Pathways is the Toastmasters International education program which will guide you through your speeches.

Choose a path

Activate and launch your path

Prepare and deliver your ice-breaker speech

Review and complete your first project


Club web handbook

Overview of websites including the agenda system

Meeting role tracker

Keep track of your development on meeting roles

Pathways tracker

Handy tracker for your Pathways projects


Select your path in Basecamp

How to choose and register your path on

Running Time: 2 mins

Mark a project complete

Marking your project complete after your speech

Running Time: 2 mins

Pathways overview for beginners

Live recording of a Pathways introductory session

Running Time: 25 mins

More about your membership

Learn more about how Ipswich Electrifiers fits into the Toastmasters International organisation and where to go to find more information on Pathways, the current agenda and more