Joining Costs

There is a new member fee of £25 plus a six monthly subscription of £72. Initial cost depends on the month of joining as below. Your new member fee provides you access to the Toastmasters International Education Program.

Costs for new members joining

Month New Member Fee Subscription Total Next Payment By
Jan £25 £36 £61 1st April
Feb £25 £24 £49 1st April
Ma £25 £12 £37 1st April
Apr £25 £72 £97 1st October
May £25 £60 £85 1st October
Jun £25 £48 £73 1st October
Jul £25 £36 £61 1st October
Aug £25 £24 £49 1st October
Sep £25 £12 £37 1st October
Oct £25 £72 £97 1st April
Nov £25 £60 £85 1st April
Dec £25 £48 £73 1st April

There are no additional fees charged for regular or club contest meetings or refreshments.
Once a member has paid the above fee the cost of membership is £72/year with the first payment due by the date as shown in the table.

Not new to Toastmasters International ?

You may have been a member of Toastmasters International in the past or still have a membership of a club where you have recently relocated from. If so please speak to our VP membership who can advise on restarting your membership or club transfers.