Contest Night – Get some humour in your life!

Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests

The time is here to find our best humorous speaker and best table topics speaker.  All paid members are eligible to compete – come along and see how much you’ve developed.  We welcome spectators so if you’re not a member you’ll still be welcome to come along and watch.

Thursday 27th September : Club Contest

This will take place during our normal meeting time and location. Winners will be eligible to represent the club at the area contest

Wednesday 17th October : Area 1 Contest

Hosted by Chelmsford Speakers at 7:30pm to coincide with their standard meeting time.  Winners of the area 1 contest will compete at the division G conference in November.

Saturday 3rd November : Division G Conference

The Division G contest will take part as the Division G conference at the Jubilee Hall in Mildenhall on Saturday 3rd November. 

District 71 Lancaster Conference 

The district winners will be competing at the District 71 2019 Lancaster Conference in  Norwich which runs from 10th – 12th May 2019 in Norwich.  Click here to find out more, booking now open.