What happens in our meetings?

The meeting starts with introductions, you’ll not only get to know who we are but are bound to find out something new about us each time. Before the break we take part in Table Topics – a chance to think on your feet. We try to include as many people as possible but there’s no obligation to take part.

After a break for refreshments and socialising the second half is devoted to prepared speeches. These generally come from the Toastmaster International manuals which guide you through developing your public speaking skills step by step. The topic you choose to talk on is always yours but each project will encourage you to focus on one skill at a time – whether this is standing up for the first time or injecting just the right level of humour in your presentation.

There is no instructor in our meetings. A key part of our meeting is members providing and receiving feedback on the speeches and roles taken by other members. Ipswich Electrifiers pride ourselves on friendly and supportive nature of this feedback.

Meeting Roles

Any meeting needs people to take particular roles to ensure it’s smooth running. Toastmaster meetings have specific roles which will be taken by members. Taking these roles enables members to work towards their leadership awards.

Sergeant at Arms: Organises the meeting room and opens the meeting
Toastmaster: Runs the meeting and the introductions session
Wordmaster: Provides a word of the day and gives feedback on words and phrases used in the meeting
Table Topics Master: Provides topics for and runs the table topics session
Timekeeper: Everthing in the meeting is timed. The timekeeper’s job is to keep everyone informed on the time’s taken and to warn people if they overrun.
Topics Evaluator: Gives feedback on the topics session and those who have risen to the challenge
Speech Evaluator: If you deliver a prepared speech you will be assigned a speech evaluator who will provide feedback based on the aims of the project. If you want feedback on a particular aspect that concerns you then they will be happy to do so

Taking Part

We encourage members to work through speech projects and take meeting roles but you won’t be pushed you into anything. Whether you’re eager to practise your leadership skills or nervous about taking your first steps you find us a supportive club where you can work at a pace that suits you.
New guests are always welcome and usually join after two meetings as guests. Meetings are FREE to guests!
If you wish to come along please email us