Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership

Although members may join to improve their ability to make speeches and presentations, by taking part in meetings and the roles available within the club you will find yourself developing many other communication and leadership skills to help progress your career and support your goals in life.
Members work through the Toastmasters International educational program to build on their existing communication and leadership skills. There are multiple stages where recognition and awards can be achieved.
Visitors and guests can look forward to a warm and friendly atmosphere. Whether you are joining in with our table topics sessions to improve your impromptu speaking, delivering a prepared speech project or taking a leadership role in the meeting such as toastmaster of the day we provide encouraging and helpful feedback to provide a positive learning experience.
Each member is entitled to a mentor within the club who will help you clarify and work towards your goals. As you develop you will also be invited to become a mentor to others
Members initially receive and work through two manuals
  • Competent Communicator (CC) :  consists of 10 projects, each one focusing on one particular aspect of speech making such as structure, vocal variety or how to inspire your audience.
  • Competent Leader (CL):  focuses on developing leadership skills through club roles.
Advanced speech manuals focus on specialisations such as Technical Presentations,  Storytelling and Speaking to Inform.  Advanced leadership certificates are gained from taking further challenges within the organisation and community. 
You can count on variety in our meetings, speeches may be educational, thought provoking or just entertaining and you will often get all of these in a single meeting. Subjects are wide ranging and have included glass making, preparing for interviews, dancing, local history and poetry readings amongst many others.
The club holds twice yearly competitions giving winners the opportunity to compete at local, national and international level. As a club member you will have the option to compete, take part in the contest organisation or be part of the contest audience.
As a member you will receive a copy of the Toastmaster magazine with useful articles and stories from other clubs around the world.
When employees belong to Toastmaster International club the company benefits, read more here