Education Track

Communication Track

The communication track focuses on preparation and presentation of prepared speeches

Competent Communicator

  • The Ice-Breaker

Introduce yourself to the club and find out your current strengths in public speaking.

  • Organise Your Speech

A look at different ways to structure your speech to best meet your purpose.

  • Get to the point

Making sure that your intended message is the one your audience hears.

  • How To Say It

Do you confuse your listeners with jargon or wow them with eloquence and clarity?

  • Your Body Speaks

Using your body language effectively to get your point across.

  • Vocal Variety

Keep the attention of your audience by using good vocal variety.

  • Research Your Topic

How to support your message with well researched facts and illustrations.

  • Get Comfortable With Visual Aids

Death by PowerPoint? How various types of visual aids can effectively support your speech (including but not necessarily a slideshow)

  • Persuade With Power

Tips on how to deliver a persuasive speech bringing together the techniques learnt in previous projects and a few more.

  • Inspire Your Audience

Complete your competent communication achievement by motivating and inspiring your audience.